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Company fact sheet


Tridonic Dornbirn, Austria

Global Headquarters

Tridonic GmbH & Co. KG
Färbergasse 15
6851 Dornbirn, Austria

Sales/Marketing Offices

With 30 branch offices and with partners in 73 locations we are there for our customers wherever they are in the world.


We enable our customers around the world to develop innovative applications and solutions, through our LED solutions, lighting components and lighting management systems.


Innovative ballasts, modules and controllers for intelligent lighting solutions:

  • LED control gear
  • LED and OLED modules 
  • Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps
  • Dimmable electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps
  • Ballasts for high-pressure discharge lamps
  • Emergency lighting units
  • luxCONTROL lighting control system 

Market & Customers

Tridonic develops, manufactures and markets components and control systems for innovative lighting solutions throughout the world. The focus is on the reliability of the many different products and on customer satisfaction. Customers include luminaire manufacturers, architects, electrical system designers, lighting planners, electricians and distributors.


Tridonic has been involved in the quest for perfect light for more than 50 years. Today Tridonic is renowned for its excellent products and services dedicated to the fascination of light. Corresponding to its slogan “enlightening your ideas” the company supports its customers in developing energy efficient lighting solutions.

Curiosity and inventiveness have made the company great. The Tridonic story starts back in 1956, with the development of compact magnetic ballasts. In 1978 the first electronic ballasts for comfortable economic operation of fluorescent lamps were launched, and have been developed and improved ever since. Digital dimmable ballasts were launched in 1991, a technical revolution that is still paving the way forwards – at a time when 100 % of the market worked with analogue 1 to 10 V control signals. Today, the entire market has embraced digital technology, and Tridonic has established itself as the market leader in innovative ECGs. In 1996, Tridonic produced the PC-E011, the first mass-produced electronic ASIC ECG, and set new standards in 1999 with the digital ZRM-D ignitor with its patented pulse-pause mode of operation.

In 2001, Tridonic started production of TALEXX-modules with state-of-the-art COB (chip on board) technology. Only one year later, as mentioned above, the entire industry followed the “digital concept” of the DALI standard. The company continued to set the pace with the introduction of its DALI range of products. In 2003, it succeeded in integrating lighting management into existing IT networks with winDIM@net. Today, Tridonic is playing a key role in this lighting market. The company is obviously keen to continuously strengthen its position. A spirit of creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurial skills will take the company on to even greater success. New developments are very often introduced not as replacements for existing equipment but as supplements, so that different requirements and applications can be covered.


The fact that Tridonic offers a large number of products is a good indicator that development efforts are focused on individual solutions. The requirements are just as wide-ranging as the areas of application. Products from Tridonic have certain things in common however: they are all absolutely reliable and are right up there with the state of the art – and often one step ahead.

250 development engineers create intelligent lighting concepts based on sophisticated systems and products. More than 570 inventions and over 2,000 patents are ample evidence of the powers of innovation of Tridonic. A share of new products in its overall portfolio of over 40 % underlines the development powers of the company.

Flagship products

  • LED modules: TALEXX
  • Electronic digital dimmable ballasts: PCA EXCEL one4all and PCA ECO
  • Lighting management systems: x-touchBOX and x-touchPANEL


Reference projects

Tridonic is active in all areas in which innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions are used. Its products are integrated in hundreds of large and small projects. Here are just a few examples:


  • Outdoor applications
    • 17,700 Total filling stations in Europe and Africa
    • Lighting for the façade of “Swan Bells”, Western Australia
    • Many street lightings in Germany, China und Australia
    • PPMG building in Hong Kong
  • Offices, Public buildings
    • Rondo tower, Warsaw, Poland
    • Allied Irish Bank, Ireland
    • Westpac headquarters in Sydney, Australia
  • Hotels and restaurants
    • Grand Hyatt, China
    • Grand Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland 
    • The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Art
    • Forbidden city in Beijing, China
    • Lingshan Fan Palace, WuXi City, China
    • Freemason lodge of l’Amitié, Switzerland
    • Museum “Literaturmuseum der Moderne”, Marbach, Germany
    • Stadtmuseum Dresden, Germany
  • Signage, shops and retail
    • Sainsbury's, UK
    • Raiffeisen, Switzerland
    • 12,000 Renault outlets worldwide 
    • Forum Viseu shopping centre in Portugal
  • Health, Sports and leisure
    • Cardiac Centre, Bad Krozingen, Germany
    • Ricoh stadium of the Coventry City Football Clubs, UK 
    • Gran Casino Aranjuez, Spain
    • IMAX Cinema in London, UK
  • Traffic and transport
    • “Princess Marie-Astrid” luxury ship on the Mosel, Luxemburg
    • Boynebridge, Ireland
    • The Western Bypass for Zurich, Switzerland
    • Innovative traffic control solution for flexible lane marking, Vienna, Austria


Success is never one-dimensional. Success comes from a constant dialogue between partners. Demands from customers and partners relating to service and systems are translated into product innovations and better service. Teams of experts are constantly working on new and unconventional solutions for future generations. We also look to further develop our existing products.

Tridonic is looking for, developing and maintaining tight contact with powerful suppliers and partners on a world-wide basis. Making sure customers have global access to products and services they require for their offshore and outsourcing strategies.

Products from Tridonic meet the highest quality criteria and are in use throughout the world. Multi-stage test programs, production tests and final inspection tests guarantee that each device meets all the function requirements. Tridonic products are robust and reliable.

Reliability and responsibility without question are an essential part of the service. Tridonic offers comprehensive guarantees for its products – and warranty for 5 years.


The new “ecolution” sustainability campaign focuses not only on energy-efficient products, but also on customer-oriented production operations that conserve resources.

Group affiliation/Shareholding

Tridonic is a 100 % subsidiary of the Zumtobel Group, which is quoted on the Viennese stock market (XETRA) under the abbreviation ZAG. 


For the 2012/13 fiscal year Tridonic reported sales of 378 million euros.


The company employs more than 1,900 employees worldwide.

Development and/or Production Sites

  • Dornbirn, Austria
  • Spennymoor, UK
  • Jennersdorf, Austria
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand


  • CEO Alfred Felder
Markus Rademacher

Tridonic GmbH & Co KG
Färbergasse 15
6851 Dornbirn, Austria

Tel.: +43 5572 395-45236
Mobile: +43 676 8920 6313