• About AgiLight

About AgiLight, Inc.

Founded in 2003, AgiLight, Inc. is a global leader in the LED signage lighting industry and the preferred partner of sign companies and global brands. Our focus is to bring value to our customers by enhancing and maintaining their brand image through the benefits of our LED solutions. AgiLight’s recent acquisition of the Tridonic GmbH & Co KG signage business expanded our global footprint and strengthened our product portfolio to serve brands worldwide. Our broad product portfolio offers the desired lighting solutions to all sign applications. AgiLight’s products include SignRayz® PRO and ULTRA MINI series, P5 series LED modules for channel letter and box signs, BoxRayz® LED systems for cabinet signs, RetroRayz® LED light bars for fluorescent direct replacements, outdoor rated LED power supplies, and dimming control systems. Our cost-effective system solutions amount to savings for sign makers and end-users, and the quality and reliability of our products ensure a low maintenance cost throughout the signs’ lifetime. Another reason why the largest brands in automotive, financial, retail, sports, petroleum, transportation and hospitality trust AgiLight to light up and protect their brands.

Innovative Technology

AgiLight strives for innovations that provide unparalleled value proposition to signage illumination. Our cutting-edge VersaLenz®, ONEwhite®, and Capzul® technologies are paramount innovations that propelled AgiLight to an industry leading position. Our VersaLenz® Advanced Optics allow ultra-thin channel letters and box signs to provide greater design flexibility for our customers. For deeper signs, these optics reduce the number of LED modules per sign because of the greater light coverage per module. ONEwhite® technology delivers a single-color guarantee eliminating batch-to-batch color inconsistencies, and stocking and logistic issues in customer’s stock room and shop floor. With an IP68 rating, our Capzul® technology properly seals and protects the modules from outdoor weather conditions for a 50,000 hour lifetime. AgiLight is known for bringing technically advanced and easy to use products to the market. Our LED systems significantly reduce the number of modules and power supplies per sign, providing energy and labor cost savings for sign makers and end-users alike.

Product Quality

AgiLight is committed to producing the highest quality LED products in the industry. As a market leader, we engineer our products in-house distinguishing us from competitors. We stand by the quality and reliability of our products as we control each step of the production from start to finish. The products are rigorously tested under outdoor weather conditions for qualification. AgiLight is one of the first in the signage market to adopt Solid State Lighting Quality and Reliability Technical Standards, such as LM79 and LM80, testing all LED modules for 6000 hours to ensure their long term reliability in outdoor environment. Our products are certified with UL, CSA, CE, ENEC, RCM, CCC, and are RoHS compliant.

Customer Service

We take pride in our customer service providing the best and the most cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide. Our team of experts in LED signage lighting work directly with our customers to achieve the desired sign illumination with the lowest “Total Cost of Ownership”. Responsiveness is our strength. From understanding the needs with specific configurations and face materials of the signs, to selecting the most suitable LED modules to use, AgiLight works step-by-step with our customers to optimize the lighting solution for their brand images. The AgiLight family is composed of diverse individuals who come from different cultures and speak different languages, strengthening our global support to customers. We have an international team of experts around the world, and a top-flight distribution network ready to respond.

Environmental Excellence

AgiLight’s commitment to environmental excellence is reflected in each step of its sustainable production from sourcing, engineering, to manufacturing. Our products meet the environmental standards set by government, industry and trade organizations in all regions globally, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the energy consumptions in their lighting systems.